.: K-lite LED bike light systems



NEW LIGHTS: Lighter and brighter,

NEW COLOUR: klite gold

MORE BATTERYS: 1.0-5.2Ahr 14.8v LIPO

K-lite LED lighting systems are built for mountain bike racing, by a Australian engineering company, using the latest in LED technology, this unit up to 1100lm! Built with high quality electronics for uber reliability, they are dunk proof & use a remote bar switch for control (see SPECS page for details). All k-lite head units are hand assembled & come with a 3 year defect warranty.

See this U-tube Video for a brief tour of the klite product.

**New stock, taking orders**

Battery driven K-lite kits:

All battery driven K-lite's come with HB clamp & remote switch for high/low, on/off, with battery warning indicator, built into switch. (see SPECS page for pic)

Kit Type

Dynamo driven K-lite kits:

All Dynamo kits are plug & play with your Shimano or SON hub dynamo

Kit Type

**OS customers please email for battery prices / options. I have US drop ship**


Ayup med beam pattern VS K-lite med beam pattern

ISO 100, F4, 6sec


What is the difference between the XPG cool & what is a race battery difference, better quality?


XPG is a wide beam led (MTB)
XPE is a narrow beam LED (road/helmet)

cool is the tint, like a HID light on a car, its closer to blue than yellow...warm is closer to yellow than blue & is great for off road & picking out the colour in the bush...

XPG only comes in cool, XPE cool or warm.

The race battery is a high preformance 20C (30C Peak) discharge rate battery. Most battery's in bike lights are 1C discharge rate. In other words my battery is made for pumping out up to 48Amps! But the light only drains less than 0.5 Amp. This is to ensure that battery allways puts out its rated runtime, as the battery would never be stressed, under load.


.: K-lite head unit

"I wanted a light that I could race in 24hr MTB events, one that was as bright as a HID, but could run as low as a headtorch, be fully 'DUNK' proof & up for a good crash or two...just some of the things that happen on a 24hr race"

30mm by 51mm the K-lite is built from the ground up for endurance / 24hr events. Max output 1100lm.

LED: Cree XPG (R5 bin) x 3
OPTIC: Carclo 20mm Triple Optic, (narrow, med & wide)
OUTPUT: on paper ~ 1100lm

Light body 70g
Handle bar clamp 12g
Helmet mount 20g

.:14.8v li-ion battery & Racing charger:

Runtime is dependant on drive level, which is all user programable... for my race team, I run @ 750ma to LED (Max), so runtime with the race battery on the bar, I get: 3.5hr high 7.2hr med, & 53hr low.

Race charger has adjustable charge current, so all batterys can be charged in ~65min (normal charge mode). So less batterys needed to buy for a 24hr race as you can control how fast you charge.

Race charger can be run from any 12v power source, that could be a car battery in the tent or just plug your charger in to the 12v socket, in your car. This TRUE race charger is a go anywhere, charge any thing, type deal, yes your new charger will even charge your NIMH AA's if you want it to.

.: thank you!

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